Doggy Boot Camp

Elite Professional Dog Training is Florida’s Best Doggy Boot Camp. Boot Camp is a 4- to 6-week Dog Obedience Training program where your dog stays at the Elite Pro facility for training by Laurent Gabriel.

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You’ve Tried Everything and I’m Your Last Hope

Doggy Boot Camp is 4 to 6 weeks of Dog Obedience Training and your dog stays at Elite Professional Dog Training.

Maybe your dog has been kicked out of daycare, or has bit someone? Your dog is showing some serious aggression or fear biting issues. Your dog’s acceptable behaviors are out of control: jumping on people, excessive whining, barking, hyperactivity, severe anxiety separation, crate destruction.

Is Boot Camp your dog’s best option?

Boot Camp is for you if:

  • You don’t have time to work with your dog

  • Your dog’s out of control, disrupting life and causing problems

  • You’re OK with your dog being away from home for training

  • You want your dog to be able to socialize with other dogs.

  • You want your dog to be trained by a professional.

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Changing the foundation

Boot Camp is a lot more intense because the dog lives with us and it allows us to change the old foundation of what the dog had been doing and rebuild the new one. Laurent uses positive reinforcement and motivational rewards behavior training.

What will my dog learn?

Obedience Training

Your dog will learn general commands including sit, stay, come, down, and many more. Elite Professional Obedience Training is very thorough and customized to your dog’s personality, breed, and temperament.


Your dog will become more sociable and friendly with other dogs through Boot Camp

House manners

Your dog will learn what to do, and what not to do in the house

Public manners

Your dog will learn what to do, and what not to do in public situations. For example parks, restaurants, people’s homes

Have questions? We have answers!

Laurent Gabriel – Elite Professional Dog Training

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What happens after Boot Camp?

As soon as I’m done training your dog, I’ll spend three private lessons training with you. You will learn how to maintain your dog’s training.


When you KNOW you’re not going to work with your dog on the weekends or do anything that I tell you that HAS to be done to fully obedience train your dog.

If you prefer to relax, lounge and cuddle with your dog, Doggy Boot Camp is for you.

A lot of times when people need the better behavior in dogs immediately. Typically, I tell them to choose the Doggy Boot Camp. It’s just simply because the intensity with which your dog needs to be in obedience training to achieve that.

Boot Camp is sometimes necessary because I can tell you firsthand, we need to pull your dog out of that situation, retrain him, and then bring him back in.

Sometimes I will choose Doggy Boot Camp for you because when you go home on the weekends, I’m not sure what you’re going to do or if you will do the training.

If you follow what I tell you to do, then he or she can come home every day. If not, then I recommend the Boot Camp training.




Other Elite Dog Training Programs

Private lessons

1-on-1 dog & owner private training lessons with Laurent

  • 2-6 weeks program with Laurent

  • Great if you like challenge and have patience

  • Customized to your needs

  • Best option if you have time to work with your doggy

Train & Play

4-week Dog Obedience Training + Doggy Daycare, but your dog goes home at night

  • Customized for your and your dog’s needs

  • Great way to socialize an unfriendly dog

  • Best option if you know you don’t want to or can’t train your dog

  • When all other options fail, Elite Boot Camp will prevail

Tell me everything that’s going on with your dog and I’ll give you several options to fix them

You’ve tried everything?

You’ve been kicked out of doggy daycare, or your dog is showing some aggression issues?

There are things your dog is doing that are not acceptable dog behaviors like biting, jumping, barking at people or other dogs.

Don’t give up on your dog, get help from Elite Professional Dog Training

Laurent Gabriel

Elite Professional Dog Training

Laurent Gabriel
Elite Professional Dog Training
(407) 732-4437
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