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Elite Professional Dog Training

99% Success Rate Training Dogs

Laurent Gilbert, founder of Elite Professional Dog training, has demonstrated a 99% success rate with his training methods for over 15 years. His proven track record of success ensures that your dog can achieve the skills needed for success, even if your dog has failed training in the past. It does not matter if you have a dog full of motivation or not, Laurent and his well trained staff know the best way to develop your dog’s discipline while maintaining their personality and joy. What’s different about Florida’s Best Dog Training company Elite Professional Dog Training? Their steadfast commitment that EVERY dog is trainable. You just need the right trainer. No matter the issue (aggressive, fearful, barking or crying, biting, jumping, guarding food or toys, pulling on the leash, or destroying your home), Elite can help. The change you’ll see in your furry friend will bring peace of mind and trust which is invaluable in any relationship. Make an appointment with us today. You’ll be happy you did.
Quote from Owner, Laurent Gilbert

The trainer you can trust

My philosophy is that a trained and exercised dog makes a happy owner. If your dog’s behavior is out of control, or seems hopeless, don’t give up — especially if you haven’t brought your dog to Elite. People come to us when they’re at the end of their rope and need help. No matter your situation, trusting our process will . I’ll get to the heart of the problem, and work with you and with your dog until the issues are resolved.
Elite Professional Dog Training

Elite Professional Dog Training Services

Laurent lives and works in Winter Park, Florida. He has helped thousands of dog owners resolve dog behavioral issues including:

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Tell us what's going on with your dog and we will help! Get what you need today!

Tell me what’s going on with your dog and we’ll find a way to resolve the issues.
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