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Florida’s best dog trainer Laurent Gabriel is the owner of Elite Professional Dog Training located in Winter Park, Florida, and Lake Mary-Sanford.

Laurent has been training dogs since 1990, and in Central Florida since 2007. He accepts dogs for training from across Florida and the U.S.

Laurent uses reward-based motivational training methods. He interviews owners extensively, and from the first moment he meets a dog, he begins a bond with dogs to ensure the dog is receptive to his training.

You want to see a dog whisperer in action? Make an appointment for you and your dog. Your lives can change overnight.

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Laurent’s focus is dog behavior modification and dog obedience training. He uses motivational training, a positive training system that combines skills and styles refined over a 25-year career.

He encourages play, and first, establishes trust with dogs for the best performance and training relationship. There has to be a bond with each dog to begin.

Laurent primarily provides obedience training, but he has also trained dogs for personal protection, obedience training for service animals, obedience training for competitions, and protection sports including decoy and Schutzhund.

Laurent lives and works in Winter Park, Florida. He has helped thousands of dog owners resolve dog behavioral issues including:

  • Aggression toward other dogs & people

  • Fear biting

  • Severe anxiety separation

  • Barking, crying, crate destruction

  • Out of control dogs

  • Anti-social behavior w/ people & other dogs

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Why go to your dog when your dog should come to you?

My philosophy is that a trained and exercised dog makes a happy owner. I don’t turn away any dogs, so if your dog’s behavior is out of control, don’t give up. You’re not done yet, especially if you haven’t brought your dog to me. I’ll get to the heart of the problem, and work with you and with your dog until the issues are resolved.

Tell me what’s going on with your dog and we’ll find a way to resolve the issues.

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