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EPDT offers a 4-week dog obedience training and daycare called Train & Play. It combines daily obedience training and daycare while you’re away. Training + socialization  + playful exercise will provide you a well mannered and relaxed pup at the end of their day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, what happens in a Doggy Train & Play day? When you drop your dog off (or we pick them up) the first thing we’ll do is take them out for a walk to see if they have to use the bathroom.

Once we do that, then we’ll run them through their obedience.

If they are new, we are going to spend 10 to 15 minutes just making the dog heel, sit, heel, sit down, once we are good we will bring them back in.

When they go out, if your dog isn’t socialized, then we will take them out with the Doggy Daycare group depending on the size of the dog.

We run them in groups. We have two different groups, one that goes on walks, or, on treadmills (depending on weather) and the other ones that are out in the play area.

If we have a large dog group out and you have a larger dog then we will take them out with the large dogs. But if the dog is gentle, shy, or timid, then we will put them in the small dog area, so that he or she can get acclimated and then we will move them slowly into the larger dog area.

After that, they’ll be tired and we will let them rest for a while.

Depending on the size of the dog will depend on where they go. If they are a larger dog they will be in the run, an 8×4 run. If they are a little bit smaller then we will put them in crates or large kennels.

If the dogs aren’t used to the kennel atmosphere, then we will bring them inside to the living room or the quiet room, just so they can get acclimated to the environment.

Some of the dogs that haven’t been in kennels, we will try them in the larger kennels first, but 9 times out of 10 they are going to want to break out and we will have to put them in a more secure crate until they learn to relax.

Then we’ll start to move them into the much larger areas.

Everything is on an earned scale in the facility. I’m not going to just give a dog the free will to do whatever it wants because we will have all sorts of issues.

It’s in your best interests to have the dog under control and to get used to all these different circumstances. We treat your dog like it’s our own.

In Doggy Train and Play, we obedience train your dog, exercise, and socialize your dog. After we work on obedience training, your dog gets to enjoy socializing and exercising in our Doggy Daycare. This all takes place at the Elite Professional Dog Training facility in Sanford.

At the end of the week, we will go through what your dog has learned over the week with you. You will get instructions on how to maintain the obedience training over the weekend. Yes, homework! You want your dog trained by us and then you want your dog to listen to you. That’s how we work with you giving you work to do with your dog over the weekend.

The next week, your dog comes back to the training facility for more Doggy Train and Play. We continue your dog’s training combined with play and socializing in Doggy Daycare for four weeks.

At the end of Train and Play we want you to follow through and continue with your training to reinforce what has been taught so you can come to our Group Class.

We have complete control over all dogs at all times. Trained Daycare Team members take great care to ensure the safety and enjoyment of Daycare by your dog and all dogs in the Daycare program.

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