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I’m Florida’s Best Dog Trainer Laurent Gabriel, owner of Elite Professional Dog Training in Winter Park, Florida, & Sanford-Lake Mary. I’ve successfully trained 99% of dogs brought to me for all kinds of problems for over 25 years. I train each dog based on its personality, its emotions, the breed(s) & your needs.

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Winter Park and Florida’s Best Dog Trainer is Laurent Gabriel, owner of Elite Professional Dog Training. Laurent works with dogs who have all kinds of problems. The one thing they have in common: the dog is disrupting life at home with issues that aren’t going away. Work with an expert who trains your dog and you so that your life together is better.


Do you have any of the following problems with your dog?

  • Obedience Training

  • Aggression with people, dogs
  • Pulling on Leash
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Stubborness

  • Out of control in house
  • Bad Behavior

  • Barking

  • Jumping on people
  • Hyperactivity
  • Crate destruction
  • Chewing things up

Talk to Laurent to learn about customized dog training — now — to help you and your dog

Elite Professional Dog Training Services

Doggy Daycare

Doggy Daycare w/ Exercise, Play & Socialization

  • Daycare for each dogs’ needs, health & energy

  • Outdoor-indoor rain or shine daycare

  • Trained Team watches all dogs, all day

  • Splash zone, obstacle course, sunshine & shade

  • Dogs go on walks or runs, socialize & play

Doggy Train & Play

Dog Obedience Training + Doggy Daycare

  • 4-week obedience training & daycare

  • Customized to your dog’s needs

  • Great way to socialize & train your dog

  • Best option if you want your dog home every night

  • Pickup & drop-off available (fees apply)

Doggy Boot Camp

Dog Obedience Training By Laurent Gabriel

  • 4-6 week Obedience Training by Laurent

  • Customized dog training by Laurent

  • Dog training by an expert

  • If you can’t say “no” to your dog

  • Pickup & drop-off available (fees apply)

Private Lessons

1-on-1 Dog Obedience Training w/ Laurent Gabriel

  • 2-6 week program with Laurent

  • Great if you like challenges & have patience

  • Work w/ your dog in all settings

  • Best option if you have time to train w/ your dog

  • Time & actions committed to your dog’s issues

Doggy Daycare

Your dog is trained, socialized & exercised

Lots of space to play rain or shine

Central Florida’s largest outdoor doggy play area

Pickup & Drop-off Available

Elite Professional Dog Training picks up & drops off your dog *fees apply*

Doggy Daycare Packages

Plans are customized to the needs, health & ability of your dog

Supervised Doggy Daycare

Dogs are separated by size, energy & behavior

What Our Clients Say

Client Reviews

Laurent and his team have been training my dogs for 15 years. The team is firm but loving and very effective in their training. For me, he has trained Red (the best pitbull to ever exist. Seriously), Shadow (my peace and love English Labrador), Jewels (my wonderful giant German Shepard and Great Dane Mix), Fayre (My sweet and playful German Shepard, Little Miss Fay Fay) and Charlie (My loving, vocal and great sniffer blood hound).
Susan Plasencia
Susan Plasencia
11:43 23 Mar 24
Elite Professional Dog Training did a fantastic job with training my dog ginger in a 2 week boot camp. She went from a difficult to control on a walk, to now my 9 year old daughter can walk her safely. We have boarded there before and the staff is always friendly and knowledgeable.
Jared Roth
Jared Roth
01:42 05 Feb 24
Laurent and his team at Elite are the BEST!!! Over the past 3 years, I have taken my 2 giant schnauzers to train with Laurent. With both dogs being 100+ lbs, it was critical that they (and us as the parents) were well trained and could handle and be comfortable in any situation/environment.In 2021, I took Ellie when she was 10 months old for the Doggy Boot Camp. She trained (and stayed) at the facility for 6 weeks, and came home a different dog, with manners and understanding of what was expected of her. The home training provided at the end of the program was critical to our success of following thru with training at home. She continues to go to Doggy Day Care a few times a week and is a happy well-rounded girl.In November 2023, we adopted 1.5 year old Bentley (who had some previous training), but appeared aggressive towards individuals upon first meeting. I RAN to Elite for a consult, and ultimately enrolled in the 4-week Train and Play program. Bentley goes everyday (M - F) for training and socialization with other pups. He is such a smart boy, and really wants to please with whatever you ask him to do. The training isn't over yet, but the results and feedback that we get from Elite each week are phenomenal!I can't recommend the Elite program(s) enough! They are experts at what they do, really dig in to understand your fur baby (and you as their human), and then BAM....make the magic happen!
Wendy Piazza
Wendy Piazza
14:12 29 Dec 23
Absolutely loved this company. I ran into a branch of theirs at a wedding expo in a completely different city of where I lived. I put my info in and told them what I needed because I was dealing with a dog that had food aggression, and the results have been tremendous. They are patient, real with you and understanding of your needs and the dogs. You definitely have to put forth your work of homework with your dog, but they are great. They work with you if you are on a budget and pretty open to your busy schedule. Highly recommend them!
Gwendolyn Cochran
Gwendolyn Cochran
21:15 29 Jun 23
I love this place!! It doesn't matter what service I have had they are top notch. My fur baby loves going here for the doggy daycare, and I love the fact that they send you a report card each day. I ❤️ seeing that smiley face, that's how I know my baby is having fun. So if you need a place for your fur babies to go I would highly recommend this place.
Janet Maziarz
Janet Maziarz
12:22 23 Apr 23
I could not recommend Laurent and his team at Elite Professional Dog Training more!!!! They seemed to perform an absolute miracle with our rescued bully breed that started showing signs of fearful aggression, especially towards men, and we can now take our dog into public places with men who are strangers and while he is still rather timid we have had zero issues with him reacting to men who are stranger. I’ll be perfectly honest though, you get out what you put in to the training with your dog but Laurent and his entire team will set you up for success if you listen and work at it. We went from a fearful, anxious dog that didn’t know how to entertain himself at home to a dog that is much more confident as well as owners who are more confident as well. It wasn’t easy to be away from our boy for five weeks but the five weeks and cost of training camp is were well worth it. I honestly wish we lived closer to campus so we could continue with weekly training sessions. I HIGHLY recommend seeking out this team if you have a reactive dog in any way because they will assist you in helping your dog become the best dog they can be.
Katie Lepore
Katie Lepore
13:47 21 Feb 23
Laurent and his team were exceptional. Our 6 month old puppy Isla was not aggressive but very mischievous and always finding trouble. After 4 weeks of Train and Play instruction at Elite Professional Dog Training she follows commands, does not jump up on people and is calmly sleeping at my feet as I type this review. Laurent let us know at every step what to expect and how to reinforce his training at home.
Kyle Brennan
Kyle Brennan
22:39 26 Jan 23
Amazing experience with Elite Professional Dog Training. Laurent and his staff have been so helpful getting my 10mo Dobie in check. He still has a few days of training left, but has shown so much growth each week that he's been there. When someone says the training is worth every penny, they're not kidding. My dog knows when we're on the way to "school" and is always excited when we get there :)
20:43 14 Dec 22
Elite Pro Dog Training is the best of the best! Our family dog spent several weeks working with Laurent and his team of Trainers. Our dog had developed aggressive behaviors that needed to be addressed immediately. The trainers were very patient and well skilled! They were able to help our dog and most importantly our family! Thank you Elite Pro Dog Training!
Elizabeth L
Elizabeth L
16:57 01 Nov 22
I Recommend Laurent Gabriel-Elite Professional Dog Training 100%! Laurent "fine tuned" my GS-SD Sheba, testing her on all of her skills including her SAR,maintaining perfect stay behavior in busy situations filled with people ,food,as well as dogs. My favorite video's of Laurent & Sheba's bootcamp days are"Sheba finds Laurent in the woods,"Sheba can you hear me","Sheba & Brinkley stay(Brinkley decided to break his stay& "Sheba grabbed Brinkley's leash"&Brinkley stays put), Sheba & Brinkley st the flea market maintaining perfect stay while ignoring all of the food going back & forth by them,Sheba gaining back load-up confidence after slipping with rainy'wet feet while getting into my truck at about 8months old(97 pound dog needed me to clasp my hands together to give her a boost,1 day with Laurent & Sheba was back to "loading-up confidently on her own")! Sheba and I have known &trained with Laurent for 13&1/2 years;and Sheba will be 14years old in less than two months! Laurent Gabriel is the kindest,dedicated, ,compassionate & best dog trainer I've met in over 1/2 century! Laurent is the only personthat Sheba has ever gotten into a car with "withoutme";Sheba loves & trusts Laurent!
LaRene Raulerson
LaRene Raulerson
03:48 22 Jul 22
We bring our favorite two! Jake & Dixie!!! They absolutely love going there-so happy 😊
Harry Gordon
Harry Gordon
23:46 14 Mar 22
I met the owner and what a wonderful guy! I can tell he honestly cares about the dogs and gave me a couple tips on how to deal with my dogs bad behaviors. My dogs walk me! I highly recommend elite professional dog training services
Vicki Rivera
Vicki Rivera
20:52 14 Sep 21
This team is the real deal! Laurent and Paul spent an hour with us to garner a thorough understanding of our needs. They were spot on in ascertaining our strengths and offered specific strategies to thrive. Also, they create "field trips" where our pup and I encounter real scenarios vs. solely practicing in a sterile "classroom." Shout out to their suggestion of a bike tow leash! Now, I'm able to really give Daphne the exercise she needs.
Tracy Olsen
Tracy Olsen
18:59 17 Feb 21
I came here for grooming, and they did an excellent job with my cockapoo. Very sweet and polite employees. They treated him like he was one of their own!
Joanna Diemer
Joanna Diemer
18:02 20 Jan 21
Laurent is great! We were actually referred to Laurent from another dog trainer. We are impressed with the training results for our sweet rescue dog, Lucy. Lucy came to us with fearful behaviours, issue walking on a leash, as well as biting when close to her toys. After 3 weeks with Laurent and his team she is doing great! she now has a great foundation for us to build upon. He genuinely cares and excellent follow through with answering questions and making sure that she stays on track. Hands down would refer Laurent to others!
Elizabeth Pearsall
Elizabeth Pearsall
20:52 15 Oct 20
Definitely the best place for your dogs to undergo training. Laurent has a highly- skilled and well-trained staff, all are also very friendly and really know what they are doing. The price point is totally worth it. Accommodation is excellent as well. It is good to know that they can handle aggressive dogs, I was very happy after the training sessions my dog has had. She had a blast she looks forward to training days at the center . To make it even better the offer so many other services. A true one stop shop for your pets training and boarding services Thank you guys very much.
Laurent was awesome! I was at my wits end with my hyperactive 11 month old Lab and seriously considering whether I had made a big mistake by adopting him. The dog responded almost immediately to Laurent's techniques and showed me exactly what to do and how to do it, and WHY I was doing it. It all made perfect sense and is working! Thank you Laurent! I have hope now that with the proper training and consistency, I'll have a great dog for years to come!
Sandy Stapleton
Sandy Stapleton
23:54 12 Dec 19
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