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What is Doggy Boot Camp?

What is Doggy Boot Camp? Boot Camp ia a 4-to-6-week dog obedience training program handled by trainer Laurent Gabriel who trains your dog at the Elite Professional Dog Training Facility in Sanford-Lake Mary. Your dog lives, trains, and plays at the facility until training in Boot Camp is completed.

The Elite Professional Dog Training facility is staffed and created so that your dog is loved and cared for. We make sure that your “baby,” your dog, your family member is happy, safe and sound.

What Happens At The End Of Boot Camp?

At the end of Boot Camp, Laurent shows you how to handle your fully trained and obedient dog so that you can enjoy your lives together.

Before a dog begins Elite Professional Dog Training Boot Camp, Laurent:

  •          Interviews you extensively about your dog
  •          Takes your dog’s history
  •          Assesses your dog’s behavior
  •          Talks about your expectations
  •          Establishes your dog’s training program

“Then I train your dog,” said Florida’s Best Dog Trainer Laurent Gabriel who has trained dogs for more than 25 years. “Before your dog returns home from Boot Camp, I’ll spend several days training you.”

The Family Dog Is Out Of Control

If the family dog is out of control Elite Professional Doggy Boot Camp might be the answer.
Everyone loves their family dog, but what if your pup starts acting up? First, it’s jumping on people, then it’s pulling on the leash. Maybe the dog nips at you or the kids or knocks over a guest because it gets too excited? 
You wonder if your dog will get aggressive with the kids or hurt somebody seriously. But you’ve had dogs and you’ve trained them before. What makes this dog so hard to control?
Does your dog destroy the house when you’re gone? Jump on counters for food or destroy shoes and toys? Excessive barking or always scratching the door trying to get out when the family leaves?
Have you tried dog training and nothing worked so you’re considering giving the dog up, but you and the kids love the dog so much you can’t imagine that?  

Is Boot Camp Right For YOUR Dog?

“Boot camp is what you do before your dog hurts somebody,” Laurent said.  “You’re thinking boot camp might be the answer?”

Laurent said that Boot Camp is the right choice for your dog if you know you’re not going to work with your dog or you can’t do what has to be done to fully obedience train your dog.

“If you prefer to relax, lounge, and cuddle with your dog, Doggy Boot Camp is for you. Or, if you can’t enforce dog rules with the kids or feel that you can’t or don’t want to keep up with dog training responsibilities, I can help you with all of that.

“Sometimes, usually, I’m your last hope,” Laurent said. “You’ve tried everything. You’ve been to a dog trainer or they came to you. You’ve been kicked out of doggy daycare, or your dog is showing some sort of aggression issues, or your dog has unacceptable dog behaviors that have gotten you and your dog in trouble.

Better Behavior From Dogs Immediately

“A lot of times when people need the better behavior from dogs immediately, typically, I tell them to choose Doggy Boot Camp,” Laurent said.

“It’s just simply because of the intensity with which your dog needs to be in obedience training to achieve that.

“In Doggy Boot Camp I teach your dog to do everything: general commands including sit, stay, come, down, and much more. It is very thorough obedience training.

“Then I’ll go over house manners with your dog. Then, I’ll go into teaching your dog public manners: what to do, and what not to do in certain situations in public. For example parks, restaurants, other people’s homes, places you walk your dog or take your dog.”

Change The Foundation, Rebuild A New One

Laurent said that Boot Camp at Elite Professional Dog Training “is more intense because the dog lives with us and it allows us to change the old foundation of what the dog had been doing and rebuild the new one.

“In Boot Camp, it’s best that I do the training because I’m going to follow the rules and adhere to the obedience process,” Laurent said.

“You came to me with a problem dog and I just want to make sure your dog is obedient to you. I do on and off training, some environmental training, socialization with other dogs. Behavioral adjustments to keep everyone safe.

“As soon as I’m done I’ll spend three private lessons with you, the owner(s)  — which includes the whole family. I’m teaching you about your dog, and your type of dog, and how to get the best out of your dog.

“And after we’re done for those three lessons, I’ll see you in class. You receive  Obedience Classes at the facility that takes place on Wednesdays at 6 p.m.”

When Is Boot Camp Necessary?

Laurent said that Boot Camp is sometimes necessary “when we need to pull your dog out of a situation or after a serious problem, retrain him or her, and then bring him or her back to you, trained.”

Or, sometimes Laurent will choose Doggy Boot Camp for you because when you go home on the weekends, “I’m not sure that you’re going to do what needs to be done to train your dog, or whether you will do the training.”

What Is Doggy Train & Play?

The alternative to Boot Camp is Elite Professional Dog Training Doggy Train & Play where Laurent trains your dog part of the day, and your dog attends Doggy Daycare. In Daycare he or she is socialized and exercised, then comes home to the family every night.

Pickup and Dropoff are available for Train & Play and Doggy Daycare. Your dog may also be picked up for Boot Camp. Call Elite Professional Dog Training for a consultation. You’ll talk with Laurent, he’ll assess your dog, you’ll talk about the options, and then, the choice is yours.

“Whatever you do, don’t give up on your dog, your dog would never give up on you,” Laurent said. “You haven’t tried everything if you haven’t called me.”

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