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What Services Does Elite Professional Dog Training Offer?

I’m Laurent Gabriel, owner and CEO of Elite Professional Dog Training, located in Winter Park and Central Florida. I’m frequently asked what Services does Elite Professional Dog Training offer?

Dog Training Facility That Offers Doggy Daycare

We’re a dog training facility that offers Doggy Daycare. Doggy Daycare is like child daycare where you drop your dog off. Your dog has fun, your dog is exhausted, and your dog comes home.

In Elite Professional Doggy Daycare Your Dog Will: 

  • Play — even if your dog has behaviors that require gradual introduction and socialization with other dogs. That’s OK!
  • Walk — on a leash
  • Run — high energy dogs need to run! We can run on a leash, or, teach him/her how to use the treadmill (supervised)
  • Splash Zone — fun playing in water with other dogs
  • Socialize — jump, run, play, chill with other well-behaved dogs
  • Separated by Size — small dogs are separated from large dogs

Dogs Like Routine

In Doggy Daycare we run our dogs through a routine to engage their brains and keep them entertained. Dogs like routine just like humans. So your dog gets playtime, treadmill time, splash zone time, and they get real dog walking time. Then, the most important, a little bit of rest time.

Doggy Train And Play

Doggy Train and Play: it’s exactly what it sounds like. Dog training plus doggy daycare. It’s an all-day activity that is a 4-week program.

You drop off your dog at the Elite Professional Dog Training Facility in Sanford, or, we pickup your dog for you. Train and Play is a four-week program where your dog is with us during the day, daily for obedience training with Laurent Gabriel and play in daycare. During the day we’ll take your dog through:

  • Obedience Training
  • Trainer-SUPERVISED Socialization with other dogs in Doggy Daycare
  • Environmental Training — out in the real world
  • Situational Training — depending on your and your dogs’ needs.
    • For example, your dog may need to learn not to jump on the dinner table or counters. We can help with that!

All of these activities during the day will allow you to have your dog at home in the evening and on the weekends. But, not so fast! Your dog is still in training and being run through the process of being trained — with YOU — on weekends and nights.

Homework Every Friday

Every Friday you’ll have obedience training homework with your dog so that on Monday it’s as if we didn’t skip a beat.

Doggy Boot Camp

Doggy Boot Camp is a four to six-week Dog Obedience Training program, or until your dog is done. Your dog stays at the Elite Professional Dog Training facility for professional training by Laurent Gabriel for the duration of Boot Camp.

Boot Camp is a lot more intense because the dog lives at the training facility which allows us to change your dog’s foundation –what the dog had been doing — and rebuild a new one. I use positive reinforcement and motivational rewards behavior training. We do not break a dog’s spirit, we do not force. Every dog is loved on, cared for, given respect and attention for training to be successful

What does that mean? I don’t give up. Sometimes it may take me a little bit longer to fix a problem because every dog is unique. Every dog learns when THEY are ready to learn. We don’t force them, we teach and we work at their pace.

Before Boot Camp, we’ll have you write down the list of issues that you’d like to see taken care of and we’ll take care of those issues through obedience training.

When Boot Camp Is Completed

Once we have completed the training in Boot Camp, then we’ll spend three days training you:

  1. The first training is at the facility
  2. The second two training sessions are at your house

What does that mean? We train you and anyone in your household who interacts with the dog — how to interact AFTER the dog is trained.

On that second day, once we drop off your dog after the training session, we usually give you about a week so that you can come up with questions. So when I come on the third session, we can have the Q and A to cover any problems that you may have.

Transitional Phase

There is a transitional phase. You have to remember, the transitional phase from the facility to living in your house is different. We don’t make robots and we don’t break spirits, so your dog will have his or her same personality. They’ll just have obedience behind it. And you’ll be able to manage your dog much easier.

Private Lessons

Dog Obedience Training in Private Lessons are for my owners or my students that want to be all in — more hands-on in training their dogs.

We usually train for about 45 minutes to an hour per session. Sometimes it may go a little bit longer depending on what we’re covering. Once we complete that session, you’ll practice until the next session.

Now private lessons can be anywhere from four weeks to six weeks to eight weeks, or, if we just want to do one individual session, I’m OK with that. There are packages.

Proper Dog Obedience Training Techniques

My goal is to make sure that I teach you the proper dog obedience training techniques so that you can be as successful with your dog as you would like to be.

My name is Laurent Gabriel. I am the owner and CEO of Elite Professional Dog Training. I’m located in Winter Park, and our facility is in Sanford, but I provide services to owners all over Central Florida.

Just remember, life gets easier when you train with Elite, so never, never give up on your dog.

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Life becomes easier when you train with Elite

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