Doggy Daycare & Dog Obedience Training Services

Elite Professional Dog Training Services

Doggy Daycare

Doggy Daycare w/ Exercise, Play & Socialization

  • Daycare for each dogs’ needs, health & energy

  • Outdoor-indoor rain or shine daycare

  • Trained Team watches all dogs, all day

  • Splash zone, obstacle course, sunshine & shade

  • Dogs go on walks or runs, socialize & play

Doggy Train & Play

Dog Obedience Training + Doggy Daycare

  • 4-week obedience training & daycare

  • Customized to your dog’s needs

  • Great way to socialize & train your dog

  • Best option if you want your dog home every night

  • Pickup & drop-off available (fees apply)

Doggy Boot Camp

Dog Obedience Training By Laurent Gabriel

  • 4-6 week Obedience Training by Laurent

  • Customized dog training by Laurent

  • Dog training by an expert

  • If you can’t say “no” to your dog

  • Pickup & drop-off available (fees apply)

Private Lessons

1-on-1 Dog Obedience Training w/ Laurent Gabriel

  • 2-6 week program with Laurent

  • Great if you like challenges & have patience

  • Work w/ your dog in all settings

  • Best option if you have time to train w/ your dog

  • Time & actions committed to your dog’s issues

Doggy Daycare

Your dog is trained, socialized & exercised

Lots of space to play rain or shine

Central Florida’s largest outdoor doggy play area

Pickup & Drop-off Available

Elite Professional Dog Training picks up & drops off your dog *fees apply*

Doggy Daycare Packages

Plans are customized to the needs, health & ability of your dog

Supervised Doggy Daycare

Dogs are separated by size, energy & behavior

Tell me what’s going on with your dog and we’ll find a way to resolve the issues.

Schedule a consultation to get answers about your dog’s issues.

I’ll work with you and for you to make your dog the best dog he or she can be.

No dog is perfect, but I guarantee your dog will be under control, socialized, and exercised.

I’ll give you the limitations of your dog and expectations for your dog that match the breed, your home situation, and your lifestyle.

Laurent Gabriel

Elite Professional Dog Training

Laurent Gabriel
Elite Professional Dog Training
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