Private lessons are perfect for those who want to be hands-on with their dog's training.

EPDT offers both single private lessons or a 6-week program where you get one lesson a week and the trainer helps teach YOU how to maintain the training once the service is complete. It’s essential that owners remember it’s not all on the dog. Pet parents are responsible for keeping up with practicing! For best results, it is recommended to be consistent so that your pup continues to maintain their obedience, however we understand if you need additional support. Let us know and we can set you up for our Wednesday group classes to continue receiving expert support and the refresher you need!
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Are private lessons for you?

Private lessons are for you if:

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Frequently Asked Questions

With 1-ono-1 private lessons on dog obedience training, I come to your home to get to know you and your dog.

We will have a two- to six-week program, and we’ll start by writing down all the issues that you’d like to see taken care of.

It could be obedience, it could be public behavior, or aggression issues. We will fix all of them.

Each week, each session will compound what we did the week before.

At the four-week mark, we will go out into public and test out in public what we’ve done at home.

Once I see that you’re doing well,  we will have the finishing test in a restaurant. Your dog should be doing and performing all the commands that have been instructed.

You will also get six months of our Group Classes after your Private Lessons end.

We have complete control over all dogs at all times. Trained Daycare Team members take great care to ensure the safety and enjoyment of Daycare by your dog and all dogs in the Daycare program.

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