Private Lessons

1-on-1 Private Lessons on Dog Obedience Training w/ Laurent Gabriel

I train your dog and then I teach you how to work with your dog

Elite Professional Dog Training Private Lessons involve 1-on-1 Dog Obedience Training lessons with you, your dog, and Laurent Gabriel. Lessons last 2 to 6 weeks depending on the ability of your dog and the progress that is made. You will be required to work with your dog outside of the lessons to reinforce what is learned during the lessons. It requires patience and time spent working your dog regularly.

Are private lessons for you?

Private lessons are for you if:

  • You have time to work with your dog regularly

  • You like challenges and you have a lot of patience

  • You don’t want to be separated from your dog

  • You don’t want to send your dog off to training camp

  • You want to learn Obedience Training at your dog’s side

  • You want a Dog Obedience Training expert to help you both

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Laurent Gabriel – Elite Professional Dog Training


With 1-ono-1 private lessons on dog obedience training, I come to your home to get to know you and your dog.

We will have a two- to six-week program, and we’ll start by writing down all the issues that you’d like to see taken care of.

It could be obedience, it could be public behavior, or aggression issues. We will fix all of them.

Each week, each session will compound what we did the week before.

At the four-week mark, we will go out into public and test out in public what we’ve done at home.

Once I see that you’re doing well,  we will have the finishing test in a restaurant. Your dog should be doing and performing all the commands that have been instructed.

You will also get six months of our Group Classes after your Private Lessons end.


Multiple Dogs


Elite Professional Dog Training Programs

Train & Play

4-week Obedience Training w/ Daycare. Your dog is home at night.

  • Customized to your dog’s training needs

  • Best method for socializing your dog

  • You want an expert to Obedience Train your dog

  • Pickup & Drop-off is available (fees apply)

Doggy Boot Camp

Dog stays 4 – 6 weeks for Obedience Training w/ Laurent Gabriel

  • 4-6 weeks intensive program with Laurent

  • Customized to your & your dog’s needs

  • Best option if you don’t have time to work with your dog

  • Your dog is away from home for the entire Boot Camp

Tell me what problems your dog has and let Elite help you and your dog

I always ask, “what does your timeframe look like for having your dog trained? And what is your lifestyle?”

If you have time to work with your dog, then private lessons are phenomenal. If you don’t have time to work your dog, then I suggest that you do a Doggy Train & Play (dog is home each night) or Doggy Boot Camp (dog goes away for training).

Laurent Gabriel

Elite Professional Dog Training

Laurent Gabriel
Elite Professional Dog Training
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