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What Is Elite Professional Doggy Train & Play?

Elite Professional Doggy Train & Play is 4-to-6-weeks of dog obedience training by Laurent Gabriel combined with Elite Professional Doggy Daycare, socialization, and play. Your dog lives at home with you.

Held at the Lake Mary-Sanford facility, Elite Professional Train & Play combines dog obedience training with Florida’s best dog trainer Laurent Gabriel with all-inclusive Doggy Daycare.

Train & Play is a completely monitored dog obedience training and socialization program. But, after training and Daycare, your dog comes home to you every night. (vs. Doggy Boot Camp where dogs stay at the facility for training).

You may drop off and pick up daily, or Elite Professional Dog Training will pick up and deliver your dog to and from your home.

Find out if your dog is a candidate by calling Elite Professional Dog Training and setting up a consultation with Laurent.

Who Needs Doggy Train & Play?

Doggy Train & Play is an option for anyone who wants a professional to obedience train and socialize their dog. You will be given training instructions by Laurent on how to work with your dog at home and on weekends as the obedience training program continues.

What Happens When It’s Over?

When Train & Play is over and completed, your dog graduates and you attend Elite Professional Dog Training Obedience Class held 6:30 p.m. Wednesday nights (weather permitting!) at the Elite Professional Dog Training Facility in Sanford-Lake Mary, Florida.

What is Elite Professional Doggy Daycare?

Elite Professional Doggy Daycare is held at the 7,000 square-foot outdoor and indoor play and train facility, a five-acre farm in Sanford-Lake Mary.

Your dog gets to play with other obedience-trained and well-behaved dogs and has walks, runs, can use treadmills, and LOTS of good old-fashioned doggy fun monitored 100% by trained Daycare staff who watch over your dog.

Elite Professional Doggy Daycare is customized and dependent upon your dog’s fitness, ability, age, and health. We take great care to ensure the safety and enjoyment of your dog all day at Elite Professional Doggy Daycare.

You can drop off and pick up your dog, or we can pick up and drop off your dog. The facility opens at 7 a.m. and the last pickup is by 6:30 p.m.

Florida’s Best Doggy Daycare

  • All dogs go on walks or runs
  • Dogs socialize, play, exercise & rest
  • Outdoor splash zone with pools & hoses
  • Outdoor obstacle course
  • Shaded & sunny areas
  • Relaxation or running and playing
  • Completely monitored by trained Elite Professional staff
  • Dogs play & exercise indoors & outdoors

Rain or shine your dog will have a great day at Elite Professional Train & Play!

What Is Doggy Boot Camp?

If you instead prefer that Elite Professional Dog Training handle all your dog’s obedience training, Doggy Boot Camp may be better suited to you because Laurent will obedience train your dog at the Elite Professional Dog Training facility for 4 to 6 weeks combined with Doggy Daycare.

Doggy Boot Camp requires 4-to-6 weeks of obedience training in which your dog stays full-time with Laurent at the Elite Professional Dog Training facility. Your dog gets plenty of socialization with all-inclusive Doggy Daycare while not in training sessions. Your dog is fully supervised and cared for and loved on by the Elite Pro staff.

It’s a great turnkey dog training/socialization program that your dog and you will enjoy without the hassle and struggle often involved in dog training. Dog obedience training is not easy and is often better handled by a professional.

How Does Train & Play Work?

In a 4-to-6-week Train & Play, Laurent trains your dog part of the day, and then your dog spends the rest of the day playing in Doggy Daycare at the Lake Mary-Sanford, Florida, Elite Professional Dog Training facility. Your dog is home with you every night. You may drop off and pick up daily, or Elite Professional Dog Training will pick up and deliver your dog to and from your home.

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