What Is Elite Professional Doggy Daycare?

Elite Professional Doggy Daycare is Florida’s best and biggest indoor-outdoor all-inclusive doggy daycare at a 7,000-square-foot Lake Mary-Sanford dog training facility. It’s located at 5001 N. Ronald Reagan Blvd., Sanford, Florida, 32773.

Dogs are pack animals and love and need interaction with other dogs. It makes them happy and well-balanced and the socialization of dogs is our goal.

Elite Professional Doggy Daycare is customized to your dog’s needs and includes leash walks, group play, and limited, or additional physical activities that are 100% monitored by trained Daycare staff. We also offer home pickup and drop-off services.*

At Elite Professional Doggy Daycare we attend to and consider the specific exercise, health, and energy needs of your dog, along with its personality, temperament, age, and capabilities before it enters the doors of the facility. We want your dog’s Doggy Daycare experience to be fun, good for them, and provide the play and exercise and socialization in a controlled and safe environment.

Elite Professional Doggy Daycare attends to the needs of your dog who will play with many other Elite Professional Dog Training Obedience graduates. You’re assured that Doggy Daycare dogs are well-mannered, gentle, and vaccinated as no untrained, aggressive, or out-of-control dogs are allowed in.

What Is Doggy Train & Play?

Doggy Train & Play is an Elite Professional Dog Training service that combines professional Obedience Training with Doggy Daycare. Your dog is trained part of the time and is assimilated into Doggy Daycare the rest of the time.

If it’s determined that your dog will first require obedience training in order to attend Elite Professional Doggy Daycare, we will identify behaviors in our initial meeting and consultation, and discuss the issues with you. We’re here to help, not judge your dog. an option for you in this case.

Depending on the behavior, excitability, aggression toward other dogs, its ability to follow directions, walk on a leash, play with other dogs gently, your dog may need to go through our Train & Play program to be socialized and trained to play well with other dogs and get acclimated to different public environments.

What Happens At Doggy Daycare?

Your dog’s day is mapped out from start to finish in Doggy Daycare with play and physical activities to stimulate their minds while exercising their bodies.

Activities are customized and dependent upon your dog’s fitness, ability, age, and health. We ensure the safety and happiness of your dog at Elite Professional Doggy Daycare.

You can drop-off and pickup your dog, or we can pick up and drop-off your dog at your home. The facility opens at 7 a.m. and the last dog pickup ends at 6:30 p.m.

Florida’s Best Doggy Daycare

  • All dogs go on walks or runs
  • Dogs socialize, play, exercise & rest
  • Big dogs are separate from small dogs
  • Outdoor splash zone with pools, hoses
  • Outdoor obstacle course
  • Indoor rest, play, and activities areas
  • Even on rainy days dogs can play & exercise indoors

Where Is Doggy Daycare Held?

The outdoor Doggy Daycare area is fenced, partially covered for lots of shade, has an obstacle course, a Splash! Zone, and lots and lots of room to run in the sun or covered shade.

The large air-conditioned indoor Doggy Daycare facilities include rest areas, play areas, treadmills, and training areas.

We play games with your dog, provide games and activities for mental stimulation, and 100% monitor dogs at all times as they romp and socialize with other dogs.

Rain or shine your dog will have a great day at Elite Professional Doggy Daycare.

How Can My Dog Start Doggy Daycare?

Every dog that comes into Elite Professional Doggy Daycare is first carefully evaluated by Laurent Gabriel for its personality, ability to get along with other dogs, temperament, ability, physical fitness, health records are reviewed, and a thorough owner interview is required.

Laurent Gabriel is a dog expert and must find out if your dog can or can’t run with other dogs. Whether your dog needs help getting up and down from things, has physical restrictions, any health problems, various behavioral traits, gentleness, handling by other people, ability to walk on a leash, information about likes, dislikes, its history with people and other dogs, ability to be crated, and much, much more.

We have all dog’s records at our fingertips along with owner emergency contacts at all times.

Will My Dog Fit In And Get Along OK?

Maybe your dog is shy, scared, or not playful, doesn’t like the heat, wants to be in air conditioning all day, or prefers a good nap in the afternoon?

If that’s the case then we’ll do individual playtime, or we’ll do individual rest time, and individual walks. Everything is customized specifically to meet the needs and fit the abilities of your dog at Elite Professional Doggy Daycare.

We very carefully acclimate each dog and introduce them to others and monitor them in every area. Each dog has different needs, and we listen to what you say about your dog’s likes and dislikes. We want your dog to feel excited and look forward to Doggy Daycare.

We want to be certain we know everything about your dog before they arrive, or before we come to pick them up from your home for Doggy Daycare.

All activities are unique to each dog’s personality, health, ability, age, energy level. Your dog may not like walks, but loves to run free and play with other dogs. Your dog might be more interested in playing fetch with people. Whatever it is, we’ll do our best to accommodate your dog’s likes and dislikes.

A Typical Day at Elite Professional Doggy Daycare

  • Arrive
  • Potty
  • Outdoor Play Time
  • Walks on leashes
  • Splash Zone
  • Open Obstacle Course
  • Indoor Relax Time**
  • Indoor-outdoor covered, dry, secure rest and play areas
  • Indoor treadmills for dogs with extra energy needs
  • Group play time

What About Food & Snacks?

**Dog treats and food are provided solely at each owners’ directions and provision due to dogs’ individual dietary and nutritional needs.

What Will My Dog Do All Day?

Every day is different. So one day the dogs may arrive and play outdoors. Then we may have your dog try out a slow first walk on a treadmill or go for a nice walk outdoors with other dogs. Most activities are decided by the weather including heat, rain, cold, or storms.

There is group play in the outdoor play area and then we rotate dogs to a different activity and area. But if it rains we have plenty of indoor play areas.

Or, if a dog is new to Doggy Daycare they have to acclimate to every play area. Each dog is different and will react uniquely to play, moving around, and interactions with other dogs. We section the dogs off and group them in different activity areas.

“When they’re out just running around, they get the physical activity but they’re not getting the mental stimulation because the scenery isn’t changing, all they’re doing is running,” Elite Professional Dog Training Owner and CEO Laurent Gabriel said.

“What’s unique about our Doggy Daycare is that we want to keep all dogs’ bodies and their minds stimulated. By the time your dog has gone through all of this, their day is done.”

How Does Elite Pro Pickup and Dropoff Work?

Elite Professional Dog Training will pick up your dog from your home and drop off your dog to Doggy Daycare. Call us today to create your customized all-inclusive Doggy Daycare package.

NOTE: There are incremental delivery fees based on your location for pickup and dropoff services. Pickup and Dropoff service must be included in your Doggy Daycare contract.

This service is additional, not included, requires payment, but was created for your convenience so that you can get to work and back home without changing your daily schedule.

We customize each all-inclusive Doggy Daycare package for your dog and can include:

  • Specific days you want your dog to attend Doggy Daycare
  • Include pickup and dropoff fees
  • Special directions and actions for your dog (i.e., food, snacks, etc.)

Cities We Serve in Central Florida

Elite Professional Doggy Daycare serves most of Central Florida including:

  • Orlando
  • Lake Mary
  • Winter Park
  • Baldwin Park
  • Thornton Park
  • College Park
  • Altamonte Springs
  • Oviedo
  • Maitland
  • Longwood