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Training Problems With Purebred Dogs

Florida’s Best Dog Trainer Laurent Gabriel of Elite Professional Dog Training in Winter Park, Florida, and Lake Mary-Sanford talks about training problems with purebred dogs.

“A lot of times what happens in families is they’ll go with the breed that’s most popular,” said Laurent who has trained dogs since 2007.

The Best Dog Ever

“When they were a child, they had a certain breed and the parents did all the training. And they say, ‘oh, the dog was the best dog ever!’ But they never saw the background of what it went through to become that well-trained dog.

“But sometimes they may get that breed that is just like the typical gentle, calm, family dog and the dog is just relaxed and chill.

“They don’t get the dog that adheres to the breed’s real personality. They may get the anomaly dog where they don’t see its true personality. Let’s use an Akita as an example.

“Typically, Akitas are very standoffish, protectors of the family, and not welcoming of outside guests.

“But instead, you may get that Akita that’s just as aloof as possible and the best dog in the world. And then you’ll say, ‘Okay, well, I had great success with this dog, so I’m going to stick with this breed.’

Then You Get The REAL Akita

And then, you buy an Akita and all of a sudden, you get the real Akita. The other one that’s true to the breed: standoffish, very protective, aggressive and lots of excess energy.

Or we’ll go with Labs – Labrador Retrievers. People don’t realize that Labs are truly working dogs. They are headstrong. They are very destructive if they’re not doing something — for at least the first three years of life — and sometimes longer, because they’re bird dogs. So if they’re not working, they’re going to get into trouble. That’s just the breed.

85% Are Going To Be True To The Breed

Now, you’ll get some that are just as lazy as can be and you don’t have to worry about anything.

But I would say 85% of the dogs are going to be true to the breed — especially the working breeds.

Working breeds include:

  • Labrador Retrievers
  • Golden Retrievers
  • Poodles
  • Golden Doodles
  • Labradoodles
  • German Shepherds
  • Rottweilers
  • Belgian Malinois
  • Brittany Spaniels
  • Cocker Spaniels

Do Your Research Before You Decide On A Breed

The only thing that I always ask my students to do before you decide on a breed, is do your research! Don’t get the breed because they’re cute, or your favorite, because you’re going to put yourself through a lot of pain and suffering by not doing the proper research.

Purebreds And Rescues Have Some Similarities

So purebreds and rescues have some similarities. The differences have been made pretty clear. And so when a family is choosing a dog, they should be prepared.

Sometimes I will say, ‘look, I know your lifestyle and you’ve got little kids. I wouldn’t recommend a Doberman for six-year-olds.’

Go To A Breeder That Breeds For Temperament

So one of the things I tell my students is when you look for a breed, if you want to buy a purebred, go to a breeder that breeds for temperament.

If you want to go get a Doberman, you go to the well-known breeder that has shown a consistent pattern of breeding for mild-mannered Dobermans.

You don’t go to the breeder that breeds Dobies for working purposes, sport work, or protection — even though Dobermans are the only dog breed that was bred to actually protect humans.

There’s A Reason Why You Go To Breeders

There’s a reason why you go to breeders: they breed their dogs for temperament, sport, agility, or personality.

Owning a dog is a life commitment. And it’s going to seem like forever because the amount of time that you’re going to have to put in with your dog is about 16 to 18 years.

Don’t Expect A Perfect Breed

If you buy a dog, don’t expect to get a perfect breed just because the dog is a certain breed. The breed is only as good as the breeder. The parents of the dog matter. The health of the bloodline… it all goes into what makes a good purebred dog.

If you’ve bought a purebred dog and it isn’t behaving like the dog you had when you were growing up, call Elite.

Call Elite Professional Dog Training

If you’re challenged with unexpected behaviors or just want help with dog obedience training, call Elite Professional Dog Training. Talk to Laurent, set up a consultation and get your dog evaluated.

You haven’t tried everything if you haven’t called Elite.

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