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Do You Have A Problem Dog?

Hi, I’m Laurent Gabriel, Florida’s Best Dog Trainer, and owner of Elite Professional Dog Training in Winter Park, Florida, and Lake Mary-Sanford, Florida. Do you have a problem dog?

A lot of clients come to me after they’ve tried everything else and they’re about ready to give up because they have a problem dog. I tell them, we’ll figure it out. Tell me what your dog is doing. When it happens, how often, and what do you do to resolve it or stop it or change it? I ask a lot of questions and I listen to everything you say.

I Evaluate Your Dog

Next, I evaluate your dog. I take the time to get to know them, see what their temperament is, and how are they acting. What are they showing me? Sometimes when there’s a problem, the good news is that it might not be your dog. In fact, it usually isn’t. There’s a dog behavior that is affecting you and your family.

Don’t worry, I can figure it out, and we’ll work on fixing it so that you and your dog can live together and be happy.

99% Success Rate Training Dogs

I have a 99% success rate training dogs. Clients are usually open to what I suggest because I do a full evaluation of your dog. Then we talk to find out what the problems are and how you want to work on resolving them. We decide together what you feel is best for you, your dog, and your lifestyle and get started resolving and changing your dogs’ issues and behaviors.

Three Training Options

When your dog has a problem, I give you one of three training options:

  1. Train & Play where I’ll take your dog and I’ll work with them and train them and then I will train you how to train your dog.
  2. We can do Private Lessons where I come once a week, we go over what we need to go over and it’s on you the whole time: going through the trenches and heartache and frustration.
  3. You can send your dog to Boot Camp and all you do is the maintenance. Most of the time the choice is to send the dog off to boot camp to get obedience training done by a professional.

No matter how bad you think your dog’s problem is, it’s usually not the worst. Don’t give up on your dog! Your dog would never give up on you, and you haven’t tried everything if you haven’t tried Elite.

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